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Huy...welcome to Dito Na Beach - where the surfing's always fine!

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About Dito Na Beach                     Links

Dito Na Beach is a
n umbrella site for what would otherwise be separate websites.  This approach not only makes it easier for me to manage the various areas, but is also easier for you since one bookmark will give you access to all areas ("palapas").

You may be wondering about the site name.  Since I was born and raised in the Philippines, and expect many visitors to be alumni of the American School Manila which I attended from K-12,  I wanted the site to have a Philippine name.  Dito Na (dee-toh-nah, and meaning "we're here" or "we've arrived") was my initial choice but that name was already registered. 

Thinking about the many ways the Philippines of my youth was so different from the US, I put its many unspoiled, fine white sand beaches high on my list.  It was a quick leap to Dito Na Beach as an available name which not only has a Philippine flavor but also provides a theme for the site which evokes "surfing"...  Not to mention a coincidental phonetic resemblance in the name which plays to the theme and to a Filipino sense of humor!

Beaches offer a variety of activities and Dito Na Beach, with its different "palapas" is no exception.  You should find at least one
you'll want to spend time in. 

Enjoy John Walker's version of "Lonely Heart"?  More Ventures on his homepage; link is below.) 

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