2012 Manila Reunion

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These photos of the February 2012 reunion were provided by Dita Christie Pickering (63). (Blue links will open in a new window.)

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The Dusit Thani hotel in Makati was the alumni's base.
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  Private security is so Pinoy Shoe Mart Mall


DCP_1033.JPG (164553 bytes)Makati's vacant lots have been replaced by tall buildings.
      View from Polo Club field
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Gomez Apts from old campus From Memorial Cemetery From Memorial Cemetery


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View from new ISM campus Donada Street campus The sari sari is still there


Alums enjoyed a trip to Hidden Valley Resort in Laguna, near Los Banos.
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There was also a trip to Corregidor. 
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  Middleside Barracks  


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  View to Bataan  


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    Linda Lambert, David Nigel
and Penny Ayers

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