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July 12, 1949 -
January 1, 1970

Spencer Court

is dedicated to my classmate

Rich Spencer,

the Class of 70, 
the Classes of 71-79, 
and all AS alums

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Rich with Marsha 
and Bob Husel

In the Spring of 1970, Senior Court at AS was renamed Spencer Court by the Class of 70 in memory of classmate Richard (Rich) Spencer, who passed away from cancer on New Year's Day, 1970.  Rich will always be remembered for his wide smile....and his courage.

Rich, Spencer Court and AS are no longer with us, but they live in our memories. And memories, after all, are the currency of the alumni.  Through Spencer Court, and other alumni web sites, the memories of our classmates, friends, and the special time we enjoyed in the Philippines can continue to be shared in a way not imagined when we were in Manila.  In the years to come, we will make new alumni friends, share new experiences at various reunions.  Our past will continue into the present and become part of the future.  

Please help Spencer Court become a repository of our memories! Contribute your photos of the PI, campus, and alums for display in Spencer Court.  Those photos won't last forever, but once scanned they will be preserved and can be shared with the alums.  All contributions will be credited; if you send about a half dozen or more photos,  they'll be displayed together in a gallery bearing your name.  For information on how to contribute either scanned or photocopied photos, go here.


About the Web Master

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At Tagaytay

Steve Fellerman (70) was born at Manila's University of Santo Tomas hospital.  His Spanish-Filipina mother met his American father at a "liberation fiesta" after his military unit entered her Dagupan (Pangasinan) hometown following the retreat of the Japanese garrison.  
Steve attended AS from K-12 at both the Donada & Makati campuses.  Since leaving Manila, Steve has lived in Florida and has been in Tallahassee since 1981. Steve returned to Manila for the first time in 1995 with his wife Susie, who now likes many Filipino foods and also enjoys attending reunions.

Steve is grateful to AISAAM founder Cho MacArthur Riordan, whose desire for a class reunion evolved into an organization which has reunited the alumni after decades. For Steve, it was a long 25 years of separation from the alums.  Now let's find the rest of our barkada!