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            Alumni & Related Links:

  (American and International School Alumni Association of Manila)

           Andy Butler's website
  (many reunion photos)

  (alumni groups of sister American Schools worldiwde)  

                                        (If you have an alumni oriented site you'd like listed here, e-mail me.)

        Philippine Links:

        Philippine Newspapers  (English and Tagalog)

        San Miguel

        Real Pinoy

        City of Makati Home Page

        Tanikalang Ginto
  (Filipino links)

        Learn some Tagalog

        Philippine Music

        A Tiny Rock
  (a wealth of info on the PI)

        Subic Bay  (past and present, including photos)

        Discounts from Alums:

        Lana'i, Hawaii B&B  (25% discount from Sue Turner (70) Hunter)     

If you offer alums a discount on travel related services (lodging, meals, transportation, etc.) and would like that information noted here, e-mail me the details, including any website.